Hearts and Flowers

Five tales of lesbian romance to warm the heart, as well as other parts.

Hearts and Flowers
When Jen and Gina prepare to celebrate their one-year anniversary, Gina wants to know what it means to Jen.  Things go downhill from there and everything Jen does to try to make sense of her feelings, makes a bigger muddle. Then Gina goes home and won’t answer the phone or texts.  Jen must search her heart for the answer or lose the entire relationship.

What No One Else Has
Lucy meets Micky at the Club one night. She wants to play, but Micky asks for a rain check and her number.  When the big night comes, Lucy lays out all the toys anticipating a fun end to the night, but Micky has courting in mind.  Lucy needs to figure out how to fit all the pieces back together again in order to keep from losing the best thing that ever happened to her.

Love in the Multiverse
Nerdy Julianna has the hots for Corinne, her local librarian. She concocts an excuse to ask her out on a date without sounding like a stalker.  Everything is going fine until Julianna lets slip that she knows where Corinne lives.  Then Julianna can only hope that love blossoms in some other universe, since she can’t find a way to repair things in this one.

Arm’s Length
When a young woman approaches Louden and asks her to show her how to make love a woman, the experience forces Louden to take another look at her ideas of love and sharing feelings and desires.

When Carmen, a voice from Matti’s painful and confusing past, calls and asks to see her, Matti fears a replay of the broken heart she suffered years before. But desire can trump fear and Matti can only hope things will be different this time.